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    European Touring

    UK campsites
    Europe Sites & Aires :
    2005 OpenMediaVault
    2007 2008
    2009 2010
    2011 2012
    2013 2014
    2017 OpenMediaVault
    Touring Europe Tips
    France an Introduction

    Austria and Switzerland

    Motorhome Tips

    Latest . . .

    France 2019 Brittany and Normandy tour

    Campsites and aires

    Ireland 2018

    Antrim and Causeway Coast and Glens


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    Connemara and County Clare

    To the East Coast then home

    Delft & Kroller-Muller gardens and galleries,
    Openlucht museum,

    Elburg and to Germany

    Our tour around France 2016
    Normandy, le de R
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    Holland, Germany, Austria, Venice, Lake Garda, Milan EXPO and France

    Spain & France

    Santander, Salamanca, El Rocio, Costa de la Luz, Cordoba, Murcia,
    Teruel, Lot and the Loire

    The Crdoba Patio Festival

     Villafranca Romeria

    France 2013
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    Our USA Trips
    California 2010 
    San Francisco, Yosemite and Pacific Coast Highway

    New England USA in the Fall 2012

    France Spain and Portugal 2011

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    France 2010 
    To the Mediterranean coast and back via Brittany

    Europe trip 2009
    around France, Switzerland and the Italian Lakes

    Europe 2008
    Germany, Austria Czech Republic and Hungary

    France  Spain 2007

    West coast, Northern Spain, Pyrenees, Dordogne and Loire
    Millau Viaduct

    Europe 2006
    Germany, Austria,
    Slovenia, Dolomites,  Savoie, Provence and

    France & Italy 2005
    Auvergne, Tuscany Venice, Italian Lakes, Jura and Vosges

    Our European
    tour costs

    an Introduction

    Touring Europe 

     A Beginners guide

    UK campsites visited





    Previous years

    Our motorhomes:

    Adria Twin

    Autosleepers Symbol

    Fitting deadlocks
    to a Peugeot Boxer

    visit our home site OpenMediaVault 

    Welcome to our website for motorhome enthusiasts.
    Follow our travels through Europe, the UK and the USA, places we've stayed at and practical DIY tips and advice.

    We use our motorhome frequently throughout the year combining a trip to Europe for about a month with shorter stays touring Great Britain.

    To share our enthusiasm we started this website about twelve years ago as a wintertime hobby to provide useful information about our travels, places we've discovered and sites we have visited with plenty of our photos. We have also added write ups of our tours around California using motels in 2010 and New England in 2012.

    We use a mix of campsites, preferably more basic ones, and overnight stops at official "aires" (but definitely not on motorways!) and occasionally free or wild camping places when we have felt it was secure. All the sites we have visited are listed, with GPS co-ordinates for recent years.

    We've also added pages giving practical hints about touring Europe and tips gained from our experiences of using our various motorhomes.

    We welcome feedback from our visitors and will try to answer any questions you may have about motorcaravanning and touring. In the past we have answered queries from Motorhomers in the UK, Australia and Canada who are planning to visit Europe. We have also published trip reports submitted by other motorhomers.

    We hope you enjoy our site and find some useful information for your future travels!

    Latest Updates
    February 2020

    Our 2019 visit to the Brittany and Normandy regions of France - OpenMediaVault and aires

    UK Campsites visited in 2018 and 2019 updated

    January 2019
    Our 2018 tour around Ireland report

    October 2018
    After a break from travelling on mainland Europe we spent an enjoyable month touring both Northern and Southern Ireland, starting from Belfast -

    Campsites and aires we stayed at in Ireland here!

    Special feature
    Details of our Fiat speedo poor visibility solution

    Some new links added.

    Other reports
    Tour of Scotland contributed by Jenny Vowden, to add to her 
    Tour des Grandes Alpes 2010 - an interesting diary of a six week adventure across the French Alps. 

    Using our Adria Twin and improvements we have made. 

    This website is our own personal site with no commercial backing or advertising as we just like to share our travel experiences and provide useful information. Whilst you are free to use any information on the site (at your own risk and with due acknowledgement) we would welcome a small contribution via Paypal to help towards our web hosting costs.

    Thanks for the donations received so far
    Steve and Sheila

    New to Motorcaravanning? 
    To find out what it's all about?
      Start here

    Cordoba Patio Festival
    Crdoba Patio Festival


    Costa Nova Portugal
    Costa Nova Portugal

    France Cirque de Gavarnie Pyrenees
    Cirque de Gavarnie France

    Church with murals at Sous Parsat
    Decorated church at Sous Parsat Creuse France

    Mont St Michel France
    Mont St Michel

    Millau Viaduct France
    Millau Viaduct - feature

    Our Motorhomes
    In Spring 2015 we decided to change our six year old Twin for a newer motorhome - one with more space and two single beds. We now have a Weinsberg CaraCompact MEG600, an entry level (but well specified) version of the Knaus Van Ti which is a compact coachbuilt just a bit wider and longer than our panel van conversion but with plenty of storage.

    A short OpenMediaVault was published in What Motorhome magazine in January 2015
    We had an owner's report published in MMM magazine May 2017

    We decided to get a new motorhome in August 2009 and still keen to have a van conversion bought a new Adria Twin on a Fiat Ducato Multijet 100 with a fixed bed across the back, half dinette with four belted seats and lots of storage space under the bed. This layout is very popular in Europe and it has suited us for the many trips we have enjoyed even in wet weather.
    See here for improvements we've made to it.
    Adria Twin
    In 2003 we changed our motorhome to an Autosleepers Symbol Hi-top van conversion on a Peugeot Boxer 1.9 turbo diesel. A typical Autosleepers panel van layout with all facilities. Ideal for two people and small enough to use as our only vehicle but needed a backbox for all our stuff.
    Our second motorhome was an Elddis Eclipse coachbuilt on a Renault Trafic 2.2L petrol chassis. A basic compact motorhome that we found ideal for two people, with lots of storage space but underpowered. 
    Our first motorhome was a Holdsworth Romance HTL Super hi-top conversion on a Renault Trafic (2L petrol). An unusual layout with a good sized kitchen area but no rear door access.
    (Photo taken at Neufenen Pass Switzerland!)

    Places to visit and where to stay in the UK and OpenMediaVault 
    Our personal opinions about some of the places we have visited in recent years including all of the campsites and aires we have stayed at in Europe. 

    Hints and Tips
    Useful information about motorhomes and ideas gained from our own experiences over many years of motorcaravanning. 

    Links page 
    For motorhomes, camping and touring and other useful websites
    All links checked and new ones added December 2019

    Get Involved! . . .

    For lively discussions on motorhome and related topics and contacts with other motorcaravanners why not subscribe to the UK based mailing list at Motorhome-list 

    There are various Forums that we occasionally contribute to where useful advice and lively comments about motorhoming and other topics are available . . . 

    Out and About Live hosted by the publishers of Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly (MMM) magazine

    Motorhomefacts  A forum with lively subscribers lounge - registration required to post after initial trial.

    Wild-Camping and Motorhomer.com are also popular forums

    The Caravan & Motorhome Club have a OpenMediaVault discussion forum for members on their website.

    Read about our earlier tours to France in  2001 & 2002 

    OpenMediaVault2000  &   2003

    Special feature articles . . .
    A friend's
    Tour des Grand Alpes
    Tour of Scotland

    A thought provoking visit to

    the WW2 Martyrs village 

    An amazing place to visit in France . .
    Palais Ideal
    Hautrives, Drme

    updated 09 Feb 2020

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